Try shallow this summer


Pro bass angler and guide Kurt Dove says that the hot summer months in Texas doesn’t necessarily mean the bass are going to be deep. Dove’s home lake is Lake Amistad.

 “I figured the deep bite would be great around the many lake ledges and steep drops. After a few hours fishing deep I noticed no bait and very few fish. Then I went shallow and it was game on! I was catching good topwater fish in the middle of the day and finding a very exciting swimbait bite in 4 feet of water or less!”

 After junking all of his preconceived notions for this time of the year, he started hitting some shallow cover to form a pattern for some upcoming guide trips and his Youth Pro-Bass Camp.

 “I was able to make the transitions pretty quick. When staying shallow this summer be sure to check out the Optimum swimbait new Opti Shad and Victory Tail as well as the 5″ El Grande Lures Gila Monster. Those are the baits I have been having some great success with here on Lake Amistad. The typical thought is to go deep in summer, and yes that works too, but often times bucking the trend and fishing shallow can be very rewarding.”

 Give Dove’s shallow water fishing tips a try on your favorite southeast Texas lake on your fishing trip over the July 4th holiday.


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